Access Control Door Lock

Smartphone-operated, unbreakable bar-lock with Access Control System.
Secure your premises remotely and invisibly.


All you have to do is download Klitron App, and have everything under control.

Requires Android Version 6.0 or Higher, iOS 9 or Higher and iPhone 4S or Newer

Secure your home

With Klitron Access Control Door Lock you can provide access to your house only to people you trust even while you’re away, by sending them electronic keys. Each key may have custom access properties according to your own preferences.

Perfect for your business

Klitron is ideal for professional use, offering multi-level control features that help you effectively monitor every corner of your business premises. With the Klitron application you can assign more administrators and set up notifications that will notify only the users you choose.

System Power and Room Temperature monitoring.

Klitron bar-lock is constantly monitoring battery status and send notifications when running low. It is also checking room temperature.

Low energy consumption

Unlocks automatically if batteries are drained

Room temperature monitoring

Automatically unlocks in case of fire.

Designed with extra care for details

What’s inside the box?