Stop passing keys around

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I want it for my apartment because…

It is reliable.

Its installation is very easy.

I will save the trouble of handling keys.

It supports unlimited users.

I won’t have to change codes.

My client has access through his/her smartphone.

No keys.

No change of codes.

Location on map.


Klitron App
is more than just a “key“ …

  • The Klitron app has been developed exclusively for the operation and administration of the Klitron Access Control Door Lock.
  • Very easy Touch-to-Open operation.
  • Authorize as many users of the lock as you want.
  • Send electronic keys to any person that you want.
  • Each electronic key you create may have custom access properties according to your own preferences.
  • View the lock’s history of events for all users.
  • Set up notifications of the lock’s actions which will notify only the users you choose.
  • View and select your locks from the map.
  • Monitor the power level of the lock and the temperature of the room where the lock is installed.

*Requires Android version 6.0 or higher, iOS 9 or higher and iPhone 4S or newer.


Cloud based account creation, where your credentials along with all data associated with your lock are securely maintained and guaranteed by Microsoft.


What’s in the box?

Klitron e-Lock body

It is a premium product made out of high quality CNC machined meterials.

The lock body is made out of aircraft grade anodized aluminium and the trident locking latch is 6mm thick laser cut stainless steel.


One striker plate and two holding bases form the striker assembly which will ensure proper alignment of the lock which is fixed on the door and the striker which is fixed on the door frame. All fixing screws are included in the package.

User’s guide

All steps for the installation of the parts and all steps for the application setup are thoroughly explained in the Usre’s Guide.  The Administrator’s key card is also included.

*NOTICE : The 4 batteries are NOT included.


Smart functions in case of emergency

Automatic unlock in case of fire, since the system always monitors the ambient temperature inside the room.

A stand-by electromechanical backup mechanism will unlock in case of heavy strain or malfunction of the main mechanism.

Special sensors will protect the locking mechanism if an obstacle blocks the movement of the locking latch or if the door is misaligned and the latch hits the striker.

Automatic unlock if the batteries are not replaced even though all users will be prompted by the Low Battery indication in the Klitron app.

If the smartphone is lost, the user will recover all settings in a new smartphone by logging in to his/her Klitron cloud account.

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A smartphone is not for everyone. Klitron Fob is!

The Klitron fob is a smart remote control device which is programmed via the Klitron app by the administrator of the lock. If it is lost, the administrator my delete it.

* Optional (sold separately).