Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I turn on or off the Auto Locking Feature in the Klitron Smart eLock?
KLITRON does not have an ON/OFF switch. It is powered ON by the moment you connect the batteries and uses its advanced power management system to enter a low power standby mode whenever appropriate thus maximizing battery life.
Can I Lock/Unlock my door remotely?
The Klitron smart eLock is a Bluetooth device and as such it cannot be operated from a remote location. The range for a proper Bluetooth connection with the device is several meters.
What do the different colors of the Status LED on the inside mean?
Green blinking means that the device is unlocked. Red blinking means that the device is locked. Blue blinking means that the lock is connected to a Bluetooth device (smartphone or r/c ).
Can I manually lock/unlock my door?
Only from the inside by pressing the User Button.
Does the door automatically lock behind me?
Yes, it certainly does! The Klitron device senses the closing of the door and locks automatically each time the doors closes. (You can override this setting by changing the Auto Lock feature to Off at the lock settings menu. In this case the device will lock only if it receives the proper lock command by an authorized user).
If my smart device or fob is inside but located near the door, can someone activate the Klitron Smart eLock and unlock the door?
Yes of course, provided that the person is already an authorized user and that there is no active connection with the Klitron lock at the time.
How is the Klitron Smart eLock powered?
The Klitron smart eLock is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries. (Make sure that you always use new and good quality batteries)
How will I know when to change the batteries in my Klitron Smart eLock?
The power level of the batteries is continuously being monitored by the device. When the power level drops down to 10%, the Klitron smart eLock will issue a Low Power Warning message to each authorized user upon connecting with the smartphone. Potentially all authorized users who will receive the door access notification message, will also receive the Low Power Warning as well. Moreover, a visible signal on the lock body has also been implemented: The red and green leds will flash twice each time.
Can I use rechargeable batteries?
Yes ! We recommend though that the batteries must have a min capacity of 2,500 mAh.
Will the Klitron Smart eLock work if there is a power outage?
The Klitron smart eLock will unlock automatically and remain in the unlocked state before power outage occurs.
If I change the batteries in my Klitron Smart eLock will I have to re-enroll smart devices or fobs and resend everyone eKeys?
No! All data and settings remain intact.
Can Klitron Smart eLock notify me when it is locked/unlocked?
Yes! Each time the Klitron eLock is being operated a notification email is being sent to all authorized users. Actually, the notification system is fully customizable (i.e. who is notified ?) by the lock’s administrator.
Can I see who enters/leaves and when?
Oh Yes! By checking the Klitron’s history log you can check in detail all access control data and more. In fact, you can see precisely who locked or unlocked the device and when (time stamp), the room’s temperature and the Klitron’s power level at that instance . Moreover, since all that data gets quite big in time, a proper tool has been implemented for you in the history menu in order to download it in excel format and do further processing (i.e. filtering, making reports, etc.)
How can I change my Klitron account password?
In order to change your account password you must follow the Reset Password procedure which is invoked by pressing Forgot Password when logging in and after typing your username.
Can I change my username?
No, at the moment you cannot change your username. This feature will be added in the near future.
Can I turn off the beeping sound on my Klitron Smart eLock?

About Installation & Setup

What door thickness will the Klitron Smart eLock fit on?
The Klitron smart eLock can be fitted on any door regardless of its thickness.
What do I need to install my Klitron Smart eLock?
Nothing more than a drill with a 4mm drill bit and a Phillips screwdriver.
Do I need to have an internet connection to set up the Klitron Smart eLock?
Yes! Your new Klitron smart eLock must be validated, initialized and mapped to your newly created cloud user account. For this reason you need access to the internet.

About Phone & Devices

Is Klitron Smart eLock compatible with Android Wear?
At the moment android wear is not supported but it will be in future updates.
Is Klitron Smart eLock compatible with the Apple Watch?
At the moment Apple watch is not supported but it will be in future updates.
Why does Klitron Smart eLock require a firmware update?
Updating the lock’s firmware ensures that the lock will embed new features that will be implemented in the future.
Why should I have location services enabled for my Klitron app?
The Klitron app uses your smartphone’s location services in order to keep track of the lock’s location. This way you can see and select your locks from the map.
What smart devices are supported?
• Smartphones supporting bluetooth 4.1 or later with platforms IOS 9.0 or later , and Android 6.0 or later.
• The Klitron key-fob. (A smartphone is required to register the key-fob to your lock)
Do I have to leave bluetooth on for my Klitron Smart eLock to work?
Bluetooth must be turned on when you try to access the lock.

About eKeys

What is an eKey?
It is the digital version of a physical key which is used in order to authorize a user to access the Klitron eLock
What are the different types of eKeys?
There are 3 types of eKeys: The Admin eKey, the Standard eKey and the Guest eKey.
What is a Guest eKey?
The Guest eKey is able to lock or unlock the Klitron eLock, but does not allow access to the lock’s settings, its historical data, its list of users and its list of notification recipients. In future versions it will obtain special access properties which will be defined by a custom access schedule. Each Klitron eLock may support an unlimited number of Guest eKeys.
What is a Standard eKey?
The Standard eKey is able to lock or unlock the Klitron eLock, and also allows access to the lock’s settings, its historical data, its list of users and its list of notification recipients. Each Klitron eLock may support an unlimited number of Standard eKeys.
What is the Admin eKey?
The Admin eKey besides being a fully operational eKey, it is also equipped with the property to perform all the administration tasks as follows:
• User management (Add, Delete, Edit properties etc.).
• Customize the notification system.
• Program and manage Key Fobs.
Each lock may have one and only one Admin eKey.
Can the administrator transfer the administration rights to another user?
Yes of course! When such an action takes place the old Admin eKey will be automatically changed to Standard.
Can I change a user's eKey type after the user is authorized?
The eKey type can be changed only by the administrator at any time.
Can I send an eKey to a someone?
Only the administrator of the Klitron eLock can authorize (add) new users.
How many Klitron Smart eLocks can I install in my home on a single Klitron user account?
As many as you want. There is no limit for that.

About Key-Fob

Do I need to enroll the included Klitron Key-Fob with the Klitron Smart eLock?
How do I enroll a Klitron Key-Fob to a Klitron eLock?
You simply select the menu entry Add New Fob. The procedure will not only set up the key fob as a new user, but it will also ask you to assign a friendly name to it. This way each fob will behave as a separate user carrying its own assigned name.
Can Klitron be used with a combination of mobile devices and Klitron Key-Fobs?
Of course!
How will I know when to change the battery in the Klitron Key-Fob?
The power level of the key-fob’s battery is monitored each time the key-fob is used and it is recorded in each event. Therefore by looking at the Klitron eLock’s history you can check the fob’s battery level. Moreover when the battery needs to be replaced the fob’s led will turn from green to red.
How do I disable a lost or stolen Klitron Key-Fob from working with my Klitron Smart eLock?
The Administrator of the eLock can disable a stolen or lost key-fob the same way as deleting a user. Remember that the eLock recognizes a fob as a separate user.
Will one Klitron Key-Fob work with multiple locks?
No! Each key-fob works only with one Klitron eLock.