• x1  Klitron electronic lock
  • x1  Striker Plate
  • x1  Small Striker Base
  • x1  Large Striker Base
  • x4  Screws for fixing the lock body on the door
  • x3  Screws for fixing the striker base on the door frame
  • x2  Allen screws for securing the striker-base assembly
  • x1  Quick installation and initial setup manual
  • x1  Administrator’s card

NOTICE: The 4 batteries are NOT included


eLock Body Fixing



B. The lock is placed on the door (front face aligned with edge) and the striker is mounted on the frame, just opposite to the lock. The distance between the lock and the striker should NOT exceed 5mm

1. Remove the cover.

2. Mark the hole centers.

3. Fix the lock into its position using the proper screws.

4. Install the 4 batteries.

(Batteries not included) Do not use old and new batteries together.

5. Put the cover back to its place.

6. Select the proper striker base according to the door type (flush or offset).

7. Test the striker assembly: Select the proper position of the striker on its base so that it is aligned with the locking latch of the lock. The trident latch must enter the striker’s holes without touching them. If everything is aligned properly, remove the striker from its base.

8. Center the striker base into its position opposite to the lock body and mark the hole centers for fixing, keeping in mind that the distance between the striker and the lock body must be less than 5mm.

9. Fix the striker base.

10. Install the striker onto its base.

11. Secure the striker assembly with the 2 Allen screws.

12. Test the LOCK/UNLOCK functions by pressing the user button of the lock and check that the trident latch does not touch the striker.


The Application

Requires Android Version 6.0 or Higher, iOS 9 or Higher and iPhone 4S or Newer

1. Install the application from Store.

2. Allow access to the SD card.

3. Allow access to the devices location in order to see it on the map.

4. Allow access to the camera in order to scan the devices administration key.

5. Type your valid email address in order to login.

6. If you are a new user, you must fill out the form in order to sign up.

7. After you sign up, you will receive an email with a link in order to verify and activate your new account. Click on that link.

8. Now you can login.

9. Your account syncs with cloud.

10. Go to the main menu (top left bars) and select “DOORS”.

11. Select the “+” sign in order to add your new lock to your account.

12. Scan the administration key.

13. If the scan fails, you may type it.

14. Your lock’s unique id name will show up.

15. You can replace your lock’s unique id name with a name of your choice.

16. You can also turn the email notifications ON or OFF.

17. Your new lock now appears in the Doors list. Select it.

18. Now you see the lock’s menu. Select “USERS”.

19. Select the “+” sign in order to add more users of this lock.

20. Type the new user’s valid email and enable or disable the receipt of lock’s notifications. Press “OK”.

21. The new user is added to the users list.

22. From the main menu select “OPEN” to operate the lock.

Your new lock is now Set Up.