The Application

Klitron App is more than just a "key"...

Klitron App

  • The Klitron app has been developed exclusively for the operation and administration of the Klitron Access Control Door Lock.
  • Very easy Touch-to-Open operation.
  • Authorize as many users of the lock as you want.
  • Send electronic keys to any person that you want.
  • Each electronic key you create may have custom access properties according to your own preferences.
  • View the lock's history of events for all users.
  • Set up notifications of the lock's actions which will notify only the users you choose.
  • View and select your locks from the map.
  • Monitor the power level of the lock and the temperature of the room where the lock is installed.

1. How to install Klitron App

2. Getting started with Klitron App