Tomorrow’s security, delivered today.

Klitron is a hyper-advanced door lock featuring a full access control system that can be operated via a smartphone, using Bluetooth technology. This revolutionary system is the most effective way to remotely secure your home or business premises and protect your belongings. This meticulously designed security lock is placed entirely inside the controlled space, with no physical access from the outside—something that makes it invisible and unbreakable. The system locks automatically every time the door closes, unless you prefer to do it manually and deactivate this option.

Designed with a focus on functionality.

To install Klitron you don’t need to have expertise or any specialized tools. We have thought through every detail to make it easy for everyone. All you need is a screwdriver and the Klitron application that you can download for iOS or Android devices. The CNC machined aluminum body and stainless steel latch ensure durability and reliability, while the bar lock is constantly monitoring the battery status as well as the room temperature. In case of fire, very low battery or device malfunction, Klitron is automatically unlocked so that you can enter the room.

Take control in your hands.

The device is programmed to send notifications and alerts, and also save all events in a log that is stored on cloud servers. The notification system promptly informs the authorized users when a lock is being accessed by another user (username and timestamp) and it’s customizable, so that you can set it up to only notify the users you choose. Via the application you can send an electronic key to any person you want, thus giving him/her access to your place, remotely. In many cases this feature can be extremely useful, e.g. in the case of a housekeeper/cleaner or—if you manage a company—in the case of a technician that comes to work for a fixed amount of time.

The future of security locks is here.